I have been going to Dr. Bonadeo for about 30 years. He is very awesome in his practice, the excellence of his work is very obvious in each and every procedure he performs. Dr. Bonadeo is a great person as well, we always have a good time when I go in for an appt, we do have some good laughs sometimes.
His staff is very cooperative and always accommodating. Teeth cleaning is a breeze with Deanna the Hygenist, she is wonderful, and also has a great personality. My husband and I have been going to Dr. Bonadeo for so long, that we feel like family when we are there. His work speaks for itself, and that is why he has patients that have been going to him for their dental needs for so many years.

Karen O.

5.0 star rating 2/8/2020
I am very happy with and highly recommend my dentist Dr. Bonadeo. I have been his patient for a few years now since my previous dentist retired. Dr. Bonadeo is not convenient to where I live, but it is worth my travel to be under his care for my dental needs. I have had fillings, replacement of old fillings, root canal, crowns, and teeth alignment procedures performed by the very competent Dr. Bonadeo, all of which have been extremely satisfactory to me. He is personable and very concerned of your comfort level during your procedure. Going to the dentist in the past had been a scary experience for me, but "thank you" Dr. Bonadeo for making that experience more comfortable!

Carol D.

I have been a patient of Dr. Bonadeo's for over 35 years! The staff is friendly and the care received is excellent. His work is top notch!

Kari S.

Dr. Bonadeo and his staff are top notch. Dr. B is an absolute perfectionist. He understands the science and the art in what he does and his work stands for itself. I recommend him to all of my friends, as I am positive they will never find a dentist as professional and knowledgeable as him. Added bonus - he is a member of Mensa. Need I say more?!

Amanda R.

Dr. Bonadeo and his staff are a great team. They pay attention to detail. The receptionist is really good at working with your insurance and she explains all of your options for payment. That is very important to me.

Weata P.

Amazing to think of a 30 year relationship based on great service - painless, consistent, proactive. Dr. Bonadeo and his staff are there for their patients. Accommodating. Doing whatever is necessary to make the entire situation the best for the patient. Every reason to say so. And, suggest him and his staff for your dental needs. There is nothing the doctor won't do to make it a successful experience for you the patient.

Michael W.

I have had nothing but positive experiences when visiting Dr. Bonadeo. He and his staff are incredibly personable, and I have always been made to feel incredibly comfortable and cared-for during my cleanings. His work is thorough and of the highest quality

Amy F.

I have been a patient of Dr. Bonadeo for many, many years now. Before having the good luck of having been referred to him by a friend of mine who absolutely loves his office, I had been treated by several dentists over the years and was never satisfied with the treatment I received. After my first visit, I knew I had finally found the right place! Dr. Bonadeo is a warm, caring and friendly professional who also happens to be very experienced in all phases of dentistry. Besides that, he is much more thorough than any other dentist I have ever met, taking time to explain through understandable words and pictures on a large TV screen exactly what my short-term and long-term needs were. I had heard that he is a true PERFECTIONIST, and he sure proved that to me. He immediately took care of some dental pain I was experiencing. Later, he gave me a perfect smile and made me look 15 years younger! He told me that dentistry is largely an art. I can attest to that, and many of my friends and co-workers have remarked on how great I look! I am definitely going to continue to refer all my friends and family to this exceptional office as I have in the past. Oh, I forgot to mention, ALL his staff is fantastic, from the receptionist to the hygienist to the assistants. LOVE 'EM ALL!!!

Enki H.

Dr.Bonadeo and his staff have welcomed me and my family with open arms, I feel at home here if that's possible at a dentist office . I love the fact they are open on Saturday and you can be on stand by if a earlier appt opens up. I love Hazel the receptionist she is so loving and kind. Overall I am very satisfied with going here and having work done for me and my family.

Sparkle J.

I have been a patient of Dr. Bonadeo ever since he open his practice, which has to be over 40 years. I can honestly tell you that this doctor and his staff are extremely talented and really look after their patients well being.

The dental work provided is first class excellence with never an issue. I recommend Dr. Dave Bonadeo to anyone looking for a good dentist who you can trust with your teeth. He will not let you down.

Phillip J.

I am so happy that I chose Dr. Bonadeo for my cosmetic dentistry. There are so many good things to say, I even have my husband visiting. My crowns look so good, no one can tell they are not my original teeth. Dr. Bonadeo is very precise and meticulous with his work. The office is friendly, caring and professional.

Kristen J.

Dr. Bonadeo is very thorough. He is very personable, explains things in detail so you understand, is very meticulous and does excellent cosmetic work. If your looking for a dentist that will treat you like family, this is the right office. The office staff is professional, helpful, fun (yes I said fun) and a great compliment to Dr. Bonadeo. There are a lot of dentists in the area, but this office is small, pays attention to detail and is TOP NOTCH!

Lori B.

Dr. Bonadeo's work in cosmetic and restorative dentistry is superb. He has done several crowns for me, and both my oral surgeon and periodontist have remarked about the high quality of his work. He is highly recommended.

Cathy A.

I started seeing Dr. Bonadeo in 2005 for help with a variety of structural/aesthetic problems. In my opinion Dr. B is AMAZING! His knowledge/expertise goes well beyond anything that can be formally learned. I trust him 100% with the future of all my dental needs, especially cosmetic issues.

Christine C.

Dr. Bonadeo and his staff provide quality dental services in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. From major procedures to routine maintenance, they make sure that you look good, feel good and have healthy teeth and gums. I've counted on their care for years and recommend them highly.

Brian D.

I've been a loyal client for more than 30 years. Dr. Bonadeo's work has been of high quality and always has been pain-free in my opinion. That's quite an endorsement considering the many crowns he's made for me. The staff is friendly and professional at all times.

Billy B.

Dr. Bonadeo dental office offers great service!! They are always accommodating. The dental hygienist is very nice and professional. I refereed my husband and was able to get a discount on our account. I would refer all my friends and family.

Stephanie C.

As a dental technician, I have worked with Dr. Bonadeo for over 30 years, and have fabricated various combination cases per his specifications. I would highly recommend Dr. Bonadeo for his vast knowledge and expertise, and ability to successfully serve his patients. It takes a lifetime to grasp, diagnose and treat the various dental issues that come his way, and he is one of the true masters left in an ever changing profession. Dr. Bonadeo definitely embodies quality, ethics and dedication.

Kurt S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Bonadeo for over 20 years, and I came to his practice after my previous long-time dentist retired. I was not dissatisfied with my former dentist, but I did not realize the difference it would make. Dr. Bonadeo takes immense pride in his work and every filling or crown that I have needed has been perfectly matched for color, fit and appearance. He shows genuine concern for the comfort of his patients during the procedures, and his staff makes a visit seamless. I encouraged both of my parents to become his patients, and would unhesitatingly recommend him to anyone I know.


Going to the dentist has always been unpleasant for me - until I found Dr Bonadeo and his staff. They are kind and gentle and make me feel at ease. I can tell that they really care about their patients and that they enjoy what they do! I would highly recommend Dr Bonadeo to anyone who needs a dentist. I am so happy to not be scared of going to the dentist anymore!

Jessica T.

I have been Dr. Bonadeo's patient since he began his practice in Birmingham.
He is an excellent dentist. He explains procedures thoroughly. A friendly office staff makes going to the dentist easier!!

Mary D.

As a a patient of over 35 yrs with Dr. Bonadeo, i submit that he has made my teeth perfect. Growing up i had poor and neglected dental care. Dr. Bonadeo has restored my teeth to perfection. Besides superb dental skills, he has a practice philosophy of patience,excellence, and perfection in all of his work, resulting in dental work that amazes any hygienist or lab tech. Besides my wife,my entire family of 2 sons.2daughter in laws, and 2 grandchildren also use his dental skills. Dr. Bonadeo is an exceptional dentist and should be a model for all dental graduates starting a practice. His office staff also exemplifies his practice philosophy of patience, perfection and politeness. He is beyond 5 stars.

Richard T.

I have been a patient of Dr. Bonadeo since he started his practice. He is a perfectionist in his work and I feel my teeth are in excellent shape. He is pleasant to deal with and has an excellent and courteous staff.

Howard C.

I have been a patient of Dr Bonadeo for over 35 years and have received the best dental care possible! Dr Bonadeo & his staff are the consummate professionals that will settle for nothing but the absolute best treatment, labs and materials. He is never rushed and strives for perfection. Everywhere I go I get compliments on my smile and my "perfect teeth" thanks to Dr Bonadeo! I have even had colleagues of his tell me they have never seen dental work to his standards. I highly recommend Dr Bonadeo and he definitely lives up to being the "Master of the Perfect Smile"!

Linda W.

Dr Bonadeo helped me through an implant and replaced a missing tooth that had been giving me issues for years. I received the best of care and am 100% happy with the results. Dr Bonadeo pays attention to every detail which shows in the perfection of his work.


To whom it may concern,
I am makings a statement of gratitude to Dr. Bonadeo and his staff for the excellent dental treatment that I have received for over 40 years. Before this service, I was headed for some real dental problems but with the exceptional attention that I have received from Dr. Bonadeo and his wonderful staff, I can say with great appreciation that my teeth and gums are in excellent condition.
And not-to-be-forgotten, along the way they have treated me more like a friend than a patient. Again, my highest level of gratitude!

Raymond D.

Dr. Bonadeo and his staff are very professional and friendly. Dr. Bonadeo has been my dentist for years and I am very pleased with all the work he has done to improve look and the strength of my teeth.

Daniel L.

Never choose a dentist because of their location! You have no idea of their talent unless you have been in the industry! Choose a dentist because of their ability and attention to detail. Being a former dental assistant, I have heard first hand from many specialists (periodontists, orthodontists, endodontists, lab technicians, etc. that they have never seen such quality dental work! Dr Bonadeo takes pride in using the best materials and labs available and only accepts perfection! I regularly get compliments on my teeth and smile and Dr Bonadeo is MY dentist. I wouldn't consider going anywhere else!

Linda W.

Dr Bonadeo is very meticulous and never compromises on high quality of workmanship. He and his staff are friendly, courteous, and provide a relaxed and comfortable environment.I confidently recommend him.

Richard H.

Dr. Bonadeo is an amazing dentist, and has an incredible staff! Coming from someone that has had a lifelong fear of the dentist chair! I never have a worry or fear when I visit Dr. B, I always feel relaxed and like part of the family. Thank you Dr. Bonadeo! He is very a very skilled, and precise Dentist as well as being social and accomodating. I am always leaving the office feeling very confident with his work.

Christina S.

Very nice staff and knowledgeable dentist. Fair prices and does great work!

Vincent A.

David Bonadeo has been my dentist and for many years. Dr. Bonadeo and his staff are highly professional and the skill with which the dentistry is performed is unequaled. I have visited other dentists but the quality of Dr. Bonadeo's work is better than I have experienced anywhere else. I highly recommend Dr. Bonadeo.

Hank W.

Been a patient for over 25 years. Dr. Bonadeo and his staff provide consistently great service.

Julie G.

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We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the quick contact form below.